Our program is designed to provide opportunities for all skill levels. We continue to build on a proven developmental model that drives our programs – a strong focus on athleticism, technical development practices during the week and competitive league play. All of this is delivered by tenured coaches who are exceptionally committed to girl’s lacrosse.

MC Lacrosse (Grades 1-8) is a traditional rec program offering players skill development, league play and supplemental instruction. An occasional play day or one tournament is possible if there is team interest. Under our player development model, age group directors work with coaches and players to ensure skill development and player progress.

1 practice a week,
appropriate league play

Optional indoor league and/or skills trainings

2 practices a week
Metro Girls Lacrosse League
Clinics and Camps
MC Lacrosse offers skills training opportunities for registered team players or girls who just want to learn the game or get in extra development.

MC Elite Lacrosse (Grades 4-12) Is one of the country’s premier travel lacrosse clubs. Through a rigorous year-round training schedule, a relentless focus on player development, playing in the most competitive lacrosse leagues, and competing in top-level recruiting tournaments year-round, we are developing exceptional athletes and lacrosse players. Our age-group directors work together to ensure consistent development of these athletes.